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This page is for posting Testimonial Letters and Comments about the Dance School.

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    Rachel - I just wanted to say thank you. Dance makes such a big difference, especially with my daughter. Shes been struggling with some things and it has resulted in tears and a lot general crankiness. Dancing two and half hours on Monday, we had expected her to be cranky from exhaustion. Quite the opposite has proven true! Rarely during the week is she happier than "Dancing Mondays". Thank You so much for providing these classes for her and for allowing her to try the jazz class - which she absolutely loves. (parant of dancer since 2007)

    Jesse Griffin started dancing with me in 2009. After just a few classes Jesse stated "I want to be your 1st professional dancer and I want to dance with the Eugene Ballet Company". I told Jesse you keep that goal, work hard and I will do what I can to make that happen for you. Well, here we are 4 years later and Jesse has landed an Apperitice Position with the Eugene Ballet Company. I couldn't be any prouder of him for working hard and going to that next phase of his life. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the journey and remember you will always have a dance family in Klamath Falls. Rachel

    Jesse with partnerEugene Ballet Youth GroupJesse in costumeJesse in costume

    Here is a link to the cast member list of Eugene Ballet Company of Peter Pan.

    Your studio has truly become a second home to our family - not just because of the hours that we spend there every week, but because of the environment you have cultivated. The girls have formed great bonds with other dancers in their classes and have wonderful role models to look up to in the older girls, who in turn look out for my girls as little sisters. They are learning the importance of good work ethic, team work and rising to meet challenges, which is helping them to grow into strong and confident young ladies. What you have created is amazing and goes above and beyond dance. I am so thankful to be part of this family. Kristin P, parent

    Rachel, As I have said before - I am so very impressed with how far you have taken the studio in the last few years. Both in the number of students and in the quality of their dance. I really look forward to watching them the next few years. Thanks you for your hard work! Eric J. parent of student.

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